Lunch Programs


High School Food Service

How it Works

The Regis campus lunch program is administered by the North Santiam School District Food Service.
There are many choices available at the high school cafeteria. Applications for free or reduced lunches are available from NSSD Food Service

A full paid price is $1.00 for breakfast and $2.50 for lunch.

There are at least four main dishes that you may choose from plus fruits and vegetables (as much as you’d like) one dessert or bread product (if available) and one milk.

The following components make up a complete lunch:
The one requirement is that you take a fruit or vegetable equal to ½ cup. The rest is what you would like as long as you have three components. You can have the main dish, all you want of salad bar, one juice and milk.

The fries are for purchase only and are not a part of the complete meal.

If you are on Free or Reduced you must take at least 3 components to make a complete lunch. Components are bread, meat or meat alternate, fruit, vegetable and milk.

Meals are charged according to qualification into a student account. The account uses student district ID#. Please keep ID numbers confidential.

The student store consists of individually priced items and offers a variety of foods and drinks. Students can use cash or their account to purchase these items.

All foods and drinks must meet strict nutritional guidelines.

Our goal is to not run out of choices for all of the lunches. If we are out of food please inform the food service. We will do her best to accommodate your needs.
If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or e-mail me.


Toni Silbernagel
Food Service Director

This Institution is an equal opportunity Provider


St.​ ​Mary​ ​Campus​ ​Lunch​ ​Program​ ​2018-2019

Students on the St. Mary Campus will be offered the following for lunch:

● Choice of two cold entrees and two hot entrees
● Vegetables and Fruits (Variety Bar)
● Breads/Grains
● Milk
A lunch will include:
● Choice of one entree
● Variety Bar
● Milk
Prices for the 2018-2019 school year will be:
● PK – Fourth: $2.70 per lunch or 20 lunches for $54.00
● Fifth – Eighth: $2.95 per lunch or 20 lunches for $59.00
● Adults/Parents: $3.40 per lunch

Milk: $ .50 per carton or 20 for $10.00. (This is for students who bring cold lunch
or anyone who wishes to purchase extra milk with hot lunch.)

We prefer that you pay by the month (20 lunches and/or milk), however, you
may also buy lunches on a daily basis. Please​ ​send​ ​all​ ​lunch​ ​monies​ ​(daily,
weekly,​ ​monthly)​ ​to​ ​the​ ​office.
Reduced cost meals are available to those who qualify. Please contact the office for more information.

Due​ ​to​ ​commodity​ ​shipments​ ​the​ ​menu​ ​is​ ​subject​ ​to​ ​change​ ​without​ ​notice.